About Us

SEA Srl is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
It’s located in Catania, Sicily (Italy). With one decade of experience, we are specialized in the project and
development of underwater monitoring system. We are a system integrator company, able to provide the necessary support to our customer since the definition of the technical specification.

Our engineering approach cover all the design process: mechanical, electrical and optical design and specification, project management, risk analysis, test specification and process, system integration procedures and sea operation manual and support.
Our approach is to use the state of the art of the power, cabling and optical technologies and integrate them into customized mechanical structures.

Since 2006 we have designed, realized and deployed several stand alone multidisciplinary monitoring
system, cabled platform and junction boxes.

SEA Srl is able to develop new cabled solution (connectors, cabling system) and underwater sensors (HD camera, pressure sensor, ..)