Shallow water cabled observatories

SEA is able to design custom shallow water real time observatory, able to manage several underwater sensor.
Mechanical design is optimized depending by the seafloor characteristics and environmental conditions (fish activities, tourism, etc).

Design takes also into consideration:

  • Requested life time;
  • Capability to use small vessel for deployment, maintenance and recovery activities

The science node sits inside a SMF (Support Mechanical Frame), a small, white plastic frame, which protects the science node from potential hits from trawler boards used by fishermen and also interfaces the science node to the backbone by using OPTG Seacon connectors.

A real time connection (2 optical fibres and 2 electrical conductor) with shore station and customized IP Sensor management system permits to manage a payload of 7 underwater sensor, like: Hydrophones (2), CTD, Camera (3), ADCP.