Cabled Solutions

SEA Srl is able to provide deep sea and shallow water real time cabled observatories but also several different underwater cabled solution like Junction Boxes and Cable termination frame.
We are able to provide technical solution starting from the design of the technical specification since the assembly of the platform and the project management support during the deployment phase.

SEA Team designs the full system from the shore station until the underwater scientific cabled platform:

  • Onshore layout and technical specification;
  • Main electro optical cable specification
  • Cable termination frame design able to host hybrid ROV wet mateable connectors or power supply system
  • Interlink cable design
  • Underwater platform specification and design

SEA can support the customer in the definition of the main electro optical cable technical specification.
The cabled scientific platform permits to the customer to have real time data stream from offshore to onshore.

For more info about our real time underwater cabled platform and solution please contact us

Deep Sea Cabled Observatories

SEA has designed and realized, in consortium with INGV, a deep sea cabled observatory for the HCMR Institute.

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Shallow Water Cabled Observatories

SEA is able to design custom shallow water real time observatory, able to manage several underwater sensor.

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Junction Box

SEA design and develop deep sea underwater node (junction box) for scientific and oil & gas application.

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Autonomous Solutions

SEA Srl designs and develops autonomous Observatories platform able to be used in shallow water and
deep sea environment.

Autonomous Observatories

SEA has performed a full refurbishment of a OCEANEERING work class ROV (2.500m depth rated)

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